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Luke Case provides a platform to put your travel tips, experience and advice. In your guest post, we link to the website and social networks of the author so that our readers can easily find and follow your blog, helping to grow your following and connecting you with our audience.

If you think you can present your work in stating appropriate travel arrangements, with practical and yet authentic trips and tricks, demonstrating applicable life hacks, bringing out varying and slightly eccentric travel ideas in your writings.

Necessary condition:

We can accept your free guest blog but you must provide a backlink on your other website for us. The content of the backlink is determined by us. If you can't accept it, please don't contact us to submit guest blogs.

Guidelines of writing travel guest post at Luke Case

1. Guest posts must be your own work, new and unpublished.

2. Guest posts should be on topics that will mesh well with Luke Case. We want to make sure our readers get the same experience and value from a guest post.

3. Guest post topic: your topic must have search volume on Google, SEO content friendly, we need to get traffic from Google. (If you just want to get a backlink from us that to submit a random article, please don't waste time, it is impossible to be approved).

4. Your mother tongue must be English.

5. Guest posts should have a similar formatting style to our published posts. So before you start, please read a few of our articles to get familiar with our formatting style.

  • An average blog post word count should be at a minimum of 800 words, and we need a cover image, size: 800px × 500px and the content width is 800px, don't use blurred images.
  • As a travel guest post, you need to provide some beautiful photos taken by yourself in the content, please understand the word "beautiful", I hope you have a certain aesthetic.
  • Only post images that belong to you. Please do not use copyrighted images it will get us both in serious trouble.
  • Easy to read, short paragraphs.
  • Bold headers that highlight main points.

4. By submitting a guest post, you are giving Luke Case permission to use this content on lukecase.com and any social media platforms deemed appropriate to promote the post.

Submission of a post does not guarantee publication. The publication will be at the discretion of Luke Case.

We also encourage promoting your guest post on your blog and through social media to help increase engagement.

5. Steps:

  1. Contact us and talking about your idea
  2. Write your article and send it to us
  3. We will check the content, if there are no problems, it will be released
  4. Notify you that the article was published successfully.

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