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A carry on backpack is a great choice for travel. You can put your valuable and necessary items into the backpack, and keep your hands free. And the carry on backpack falls within the international airline's guidelines for carry-on luggage, you can stow the backpack in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you, you don't need to choose to check that at risk of soiled, broken, or lost. Using a carry on backpack is a better, safer choice.

According to Delta, “If the backpack can get under the seat in front of you, then it will be considered a personal item.” Carry-on bags can be up to 22 x 14 x 9 inches, so if your backpack is bigger than that, it's probably not going in the overhead bin, either.

These are some best carry on travel backpacks you can pick up right now. These travel backpacks are prioritized your gear with thoughtful design, including expandable capacity, can be opened like a suitcase, padded laptop compartments, encrypted TSA lock, waterproof closures, etc to protect your tech essentials.


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What size carry-on backpack should you buy?

If you want to travel light by airline and don't carry a bulky suitcase, a carry-on backpack for travel is a great choice. For most airlines, you can carry one piece of carry-on luggage or "hand baggage" that can fit in the overhead bin, plus a “personal item” such as a laptop backpack, fanny pack, crossbody bag, small backpack, etc. which can go under the seat in front of yours; and these bags must be less than 22" × 14" × 9", or up to 45 linear inches (length + width + depth). So when choosing a carry-on backpack for travel, your backpack should be no larger than these dimensions. Or the airline will require you to gate-check your bag and, often, pay a hefty fee to do so; and your backpack may be at risk of being soiled, broken, or lost during the checking.

Note: before flying, check your airline's website for their carry-on luggage size and weight guidelines. Budget airlines often have stricter requirements, and in any case, carry-on size can vary by airline.

Large carry-on travel backpack.

If you’re planning for long-term travel, and like to bring a little more rather than just the bare essentials, a large carry-on travel backpack is great for you. There are three large carry-on travel backpacks for choosing.

1. Men's Travel Backpack

travel backpack


Its dimensions: 22.0"(Height) × 13.0"(Width) × 8.3"(Thickness), just fits most airline standards(note: it may be rejected as carry-on luggage by the airline due to measurement errors), can accommodate up to a 17-inch laptop, with 1 shoe compartment, can be convertible into a handbag, or shoulder bag.

2. Men's Expandable Carry On Travel Backpack

men's carry on travel backpack


A great and hot sale carry-on travel expandable backpack, its dimensions are 19.29" × 12.59" × 5.90", after expansion dimensions: 19.29" × 12.59" × 7.87", small than airlines allow carry-on luggage that measures up to a maximum of 22" × 14" × 9".

This carry-on travel backpack gets its beef from being fully expandable and opens up from 25L - 30L to accommodate up to a 17-inch laptop, enough room for a full change of clothes for 2-4 days, and also has enough room for your entire shower and grooming kit. It is equivalent to a 24" trolley case, and it can be opened 180 degrees like a suitcase.

3. Men's Expandable Travel Backpack

men's carry on travel backpack


Ths same size as the above carry-on travel backpack, but the appearance design is different from it, it has 3 colors to choose, and others are similar to the above backpack.

Medium-Sized Carry On Backpack

A medium-sized carry-on backpack is great for people who plan a short trip, business trip, or summer trip, they need to take a laptop, clothing, toiletries, etc; or frequently fly on budget airlines, using a backpack for storing important belongings, you can choose a medium-sized travel carry-on backpack.

Men's Expandable Travel Backpack

carry on backpack


This is a great and hot sale medium-sized carry-on travel expandable backpack, its dimensions are 16.5" × 12.2" × 6.3", can accommodate up to a 15.6" laptop, enough room for a full change of clothes for 2-3 days, and also has enough room for your entire shower and grooming kit. It is equivalent to a 20" trolley case, and it can be opened 180 degrees like a suitcase.

This is a TSA-friendly carry on backpack has a tech look, with a USB charge port is integrated on the side of the backpack, making it possible to charge your phone while on the go without opening your backpack. It can be a laptop backpack for work or school, also can be a travel backpack or a business trip backpack, it doesn't look as bulky as other travel backpacks.

Men's Expandable Carry On Travel Backpack

carry on travel backpack for men


Another hot sale medium-sized carry-on travel expandable backpack on Luke Case, its dimensions are 17.32" × 11.81" × 6.29", after expansion dimensions: 17.32" × 11.4" × 10.23" can accommodate up to a 15.6" laptop. Multi-layer compartments design keeps your accessories separate and organized, TSA-friendly design with lay-flat capability, so it lays flat while it goes through security, making it easier to see and scan.

This is a multi-functional backpack with expandable capacity, you can use it as a laptop backpack for work or school, and sometimes you are going to be away from home or out of town for two or three days, it can also be a travel backpack because it has 39L capacity after expandable, you don't need to buy another backpack for travel, this backpack is a good choice. You can save money.

What else you should know before buying a backpack for travel?

Travel backpack's weight.

You need to make sure your backpack isn’t too heavy, if your carry-on is overweight, you will get hit with extra fees. Most travel backpacks' weight is about 1 kg -2 kg, it's a weight that most people can handle. But we don't agree you choose a too light backpack because it means the quality of the backpack might be bad, no one wants their travel backpack to get damaged during travel.

Choosing a comfortable wear backpack for travel.

You need to put all your travel items in a backpack means your backpack will be heavy and you may need to carry it for a long time during the trip, so you need to consider the "Comfort" before buying a carry-on travel backpack. There is some advice for choosing a carry-on backpack for travel.

Travel Backpack Straps.

Choosing the thick but soft multi-panel ventilated padding shoulder straps, is quality, and durable. Shoulder straps with adjustable anti-slip sternum straps and quick release, the sternum strap is designed to distribute some weight away from your shoulders and secures the shoulder straps across your chest.

Travel Backpack Back Pad.

Choosing an ergonomic airflow back design travel backpack with well-ventilated mesh and foam back panel, avoid the old sweaty back with more extended periods of wear in hotter climates, and get much more comfortable.

Choosing an Organization Carry on Backpack

The carry-on travel backpack should have enough compartments and pockets that keep your items separate and organized, have a spacious main compartment, and opens like a suitcase, easily organize your stuff. To people who travel a lot, it is a boon to put a backpack 180 degrees open on the hotel floor or bed at any time. And if you want to carry more clothes, compression, and expandability are very important.

Like our "Men's Expandable Carry On Travel Backpack", this backpack can be opened 180 degrees like a suitcase, with a vacuum compression pocket, and expandability capacity.

Choosing a TSA friendly travel backpack

For an even speedier journey through security, choose a checkpoint-friendly backpack with a lie-flat compartment. The TSA allows travelers to leave their laptops inside of their backpacks if the bag has a separate, lie-flat compartment.

Carry on Travel Backpack's Material

Luke Case provides three material backpacks that are available for you to choose from.

Canvas Carry on backpack:

The canvas is an extremely durable plain weave fabric that is made of cotton and linen, it can be used for making backpacks, sails, tents, marquees, or shelters. Our carry-on backpacks are made of waxed canvas, the waxed canvas is a cotton canvas that has been impregnated with wax, waxed canvas has a slightly waxy feel and gets a rugged mottled look with use. The surface shows creases and marks easily, contributing to the character of the fabric. When you pick up a waxed canvas backpack, even when empty you’ll notice a little heft and when you rub the material through your fingers it feels sturdy. Waxed canvas has a natural substance and heaviness to it that bags or clothing made from synthetic materials simply don’t have.

Benefits: durable, strong, hard-wearing, waterproof, not flammable, and not stain easily. Check our waxed canvas backpacks.

Leather Carry on backpacks:

Leather backpacks are durable and can last up to 5 years because of the quality of materials, leather backpacks feature highly flexible and aside from being durable retain their quality, cases of backpack wearing or tearing because of carrying heavy items with them do not occur with leather bags. If properly maintained, the material hardly wears off. This is why leather bags are costlier.

There are three grades of leather—genuine, top-grain, and full-grain. Luke Case mainly provides full grain leather backpacks and top grain leather backpacks, crazy horse leather is full grain leather, you can check our best men's leather backpacks.