What is Waxed Canvas

What is Waxed Canvas

As we know, the canvas is an extremely durable plain weave fabric that is made of cotton and linen, it can be used for making sails, tents, marquees, backpacks, shelters. Waxed canvas is a cotton canvas that has been impregnated with wax, waxed canvas has a slightly waxy feel and gets a rugged mottled look with use. The surface shows creases and marks easily, contributing to the character of the fabric.

When you pick up a waxed canvas bag, even when empty you’ll notice a little heft and when you rub the material through your fingers it feels sturdy. Waxed canvas has a natural substance and heaviness to it that bags or clothing made from synthetic materials simply don’t have.

Today, waxed canvas is produced by impregnating the canvas fibers with wax. The quality and strength of canvas are determined by the thickness of the yarn and the density of the weave. Most waxed canvas is created using a paraffin-based wax but there are also hybrid waxes which use paraffin and fluorocarbon to improve waterproofing. It is also possible to create a waxed canvas using natural waxes, such as beeswax, but this is a more expensive option.

Why choose Waxed Canvas Bags?

Waxed canvas backpack are very rugged, great for traveling, hiking or camping. Waxed canvas backpacks are much like leather backpacks, features everlasting durability, it will last generations and still look fashionable.

Benefits of Waxed Canvas Backpacks:

  • Durable: waxed canvas is a strong, hard-wearing material that is resistant to tearing. It can long-lasting.
  • Waterproof: waxed canvas is a waterproof material that will repel driving rain, however, it is not impermeable and if immersed in water for long periods it will become saturated.
  • Not stretch out of shape: waxed canvas is natural, holds its shape while getting softer with each use. It will, over time, mold to usage but it will not stretch out of shape.
  • No flammable: modern waxed canvas is difficult to ignite and is far less flammable than most synthetic materials. It will burn if sufficient heat is applied but it is not a dangerously combustible material.
  • Not stain easily: waxed canvas is water-resistant will not stain easily and marks and scuffs incurred by everyday use add to its character. And it also easy to clean.
  • Looks fashionable: Available in a number of vibrant colors, looks fashionable next to leather and metal accessories. Every item is unique thanks to the patina effect.

How to clean waxed canvas backpack

For dust or mud, it can be removed with a damp cloth, but for oil stain, you can allow these steps:

  1. Treated with corn starch or a similarly absorbent substance. Apply the absorbent substance generously to the affected area and leave for forty-eight hours, after which time it can be removed with a soft brush.
  2. Use cold water and a small amount of mild soap (not detergent) when needed
  3. Rinse away any soap and allow the canvas to air dry.    

Note: do not wash the waxed canvas bags by the washing machine, machine dry, warm or hot water and detergent. Using any of the above methods will break down the wax coating, compromise the finish and water resistance, and leave you with a plain old canvas bag - and probably a big mess.

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